Follow Peace with All People

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord (Hebrews

12:14, KJV)

In this last piece on the month’s theme of Shalom (total peace), we will focus on the pursuit

of peace and good neighbourliness which is a frequent command for New Testament Christians (Romans 12:18). This pursuit of peace not only serves to strengthen unity and build the church; it is also a vital sign to the world that we are disciples of the Lord Jesus. The Bible therefore strongly warns against dissensions and party spirit, and enjoins tolerance and forbearance with regard to the weaker brethren. And while we should make peace our aim, it should not be in a way that can sacrifice purity – for without holiness no person will see the Lord!

Our troubled world will be much benefitted by more peace makers as shown by the crises all

around us. As salt and light to the world, followers of Christ ought to be beacons and agents

of peace at such a time in the life of our nation when political tempers are flaring high. By doing so, we offer hope and goodwill, along with concerted prayers, for a brighter tomorrow.

And for all who are troubled in their hearts and lacking personal peace, this comes with prayers that you will experience our God’s soothing, healing and comforting touch. May the Lord comfort and encourage you to become a source of peace, hope and courage to others.

Shalom everyone.

Pastors Marcus and Norah Chilaka.

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