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Living Water Parish (LWP) welcome and encourage members to server the Lord with the talents God has blessed them with. There are number of ministries within the the church for this purpose (They are listed below in alphabetical order). ​

If you are interested to join and serve in any ministry, please speak to any of the ministers or fill in the form below

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Daughters of Zion

Living Water Parish (LWP) women’s fellowship is known as Daughter of Zion (DOZ). This ministry bring all the women together periodically to fellowship in an informal setting. We cater for the needs of LWP women and strive to help the women settle and be integrated in church to ensure no one is left out. We encourage women to live daily by the word of God in our capacity as wives, mothers, mentors, sisters, daughters, and all other roles we play. We encourage women to participate in the activities of the church by utilising the gifts and talents that God has given us. As Women of purpose, we want to excel in all that God has

called us to do, both in the ministry and also in the secular. We equip ourselves by the Word of God, organise/attend conferences, seminars, workshop and walk-through that will equip us for the tasks ahead.

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Evangelism and Visitation

The evangelism unit of the church is a growing team whose responsibility is to organise and spearhead the corporate evangelism outings and outreaches of the church. It also organises the materials and resources needed to facilitate these outings.

The evangelism unit of the church is a growing team whose responsibility is to organise and spearhead the corporate evangelism outings and outreaches of the church. It also organises the materials and resources needed to facilitate these outings.

Indeed the injunction from our Lord Jesus Christ himself is that we should go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

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Gideon's Army

Gideon’s Army is the men’s natural group of LWP. Membership of this group is voluntary and married men who are church members are enrolled by default.

The main aim of the group amongst other worthy causes of the groups is to nurture and groom men to fulfill the mandate of their office as described in the Bible as Priests, Prophets and Providers. In light of this, the spiritual growth, career progression, leadership and maintenance of a united, cohesively healthy and functional family unit remain the utmost priority of the group. It therefore comes as no surprise that the EXCO members have the welfare of members at heart.

Gideon’s Army meets every first Sunday of the month, immediately after the Sunday service 

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Golden Voices

The choir is a group within the church, which consists of passionate vocalists and musicians that are dedicated to using their God given skills and gifts for His glory. Our responsibility involves ministering to the congregation through music and leading the congregation in worship of our heavenly Father. 

Choir practices are usually held on Saturday afternoons. 

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Multimedia team aims to introduce and maintain innovative ways to facilitate all church functions thought technological advances.

Multimedia team supports and managers all IT related services in the church. This includes projecting songs / scriptures during service, managing the sound system, recording of messages, maintaining the church website, face book account and mail boxes, supporting all the PCs/Laptops/TVs in the children church, photography and video coverage of church special programs, making video presentations for church needs.




The Protocol department arranges Pastor’s outside visit/travel, maintains car park orderliness and transport needs of church external events. This team also looks after the visiting Pastors and guest ministers, ensuring that they are well taken care of throughout the duration of their visit. 

This team also runs the Church bus to assist the parishioners who struggle for transport to get to and from church

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The publications unit is a growing unit in the church. This unit is responsible for proclaiming the word of God through writing.

It coordinates the production of the church magazine and other publications. This team is also managers the church notice boards.It also works hand in hand with other departments/units like the multimedia unit and Evangelism unit to produce and distribute publicity and evangelism materials amongst others.

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Redeemed  Christian  

Students fellowship (RCSF) Staffordshire   University

This is a Christian fellowship for students of Staffordshire University. Our main goal is to share the Good News of the Bible in a more relaxed, open forum setting that is more appealing to youth.

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Church Ushers constitutes a very vital group of workers. They form the first set of people that others come in contact with, when the come to church. 

Their duties are more of a general nature and bother on ensuring the church programmes are organised and conducted in the most orderly manner. Ushers also maintain the church financial record (in conjunction with the finance department).Frequently, ushers seldom stay in one place during church meetings, in a bid to ensure the service are going in an overly manner. They are the workers that can be called upon at any time by both the ministers and other church members for assignment and assistance.

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The reception team "looks after" first time visitors to the church. After Sunday services all guests are very warmly welcomed in a polite and friendly atmosphere. The team provide information on the church weekly programs, upcoming special events.

For guests who decide to become Living Water Parish members, a bi-annual lunch with the Senior Pastors is organised by the team where honest feedback on general church life is encouraged.

If you are interested in becoming a worker, please fill the below form (available in PDF and Word) and get in touch with the Church Pastors

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