Divine Alignment

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delights in his way (Psalms

37:23, KJV)

To be in alignment means to be in a position of agreement with something; hence related synonyms include accord, balance and harmony. Divine alignment as we are considering this month implies God straightening all the crooked bits of our lives and positioning us in conformity with His plans and purposes. A person can be out of alignment with God’s best either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. However, in this month of May, God will bring realignment and restoration to the place of beauty and favour in Jesus name.

In terms of favour, when a person is divinely aligned they become a favourite (particularly of the almighty God) and preferred above all others of the same kind. Such a person can thus experience blessings that appear too good to be true – very much like a dream! For example, in one season Ruth was working in the field, and following her divine alignment, she became the owner of the same field! One season Mordecai was sitting outside the king's

palace; and in the next season of divine alignment, he was inside the palace! It is our prayer that God will position us to walk and operate under the covering of His uncommon blessings

Welcome to the month of Divine Alignment

Pastor Marcus & Norah Chilaka


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