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Gideon's Army

Gideon’s Army is the men’s natural group of LWP. Membership of this group is voluntary and married men who are church members are enrolled by default.

The main aim of the group amongst other worthy causes of the groups is to nurture and groom men to fulfill the mandate of their office as described in the Bible as Priests, Prophets and Providers. In light of this, the spiritual growth, career progression, leadership and maintenance of a united, cohesively healthy and functional family unit remain the utmost priority of the group. It therefore comes as no surprise that the EXCO members have the welfare of members at heart.

Gideon’s Army meets every first Sunday of the month, immediately after the Sunday service 

Gideon's Army Account Number
Name                 : Gideons Army
Account Number  : 31002285
Sort Code           : 01-03-69



Minister Chris Efefaroro  

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