The Publications Department of the RCCG, Living Water Parish is the department in which members of the church can serve God in the furtherance of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ through publication of the revelation of the Word of God. The department is current headed by Yinka Odebade and currently the department has two (2) active members.

The primary responsibility of the department is designing weekly bulletin, church programme posters, anniversary magazine and updating church website (members of this team support the pastorate in their duty to ensure that people who seek to know about the ministry can easily access this information via the internet).

They work in collaboration with other departments within the church to ensure that the website and church publications are up to date and have the relevant information that will be of help to the public.

Outline Schedule for Publications Unit

Production of weekly parish bulletin
Production of quarterly newsletter
Managing the notice board by placing helpful information, photographs and other appropriate materials
Arrange for photo/ video coverage of church programmes (in collaboration with the technical unit)
Maintain the PARISH ALBUM, which is intended to be a repository of important church event pictures.
Managing the Gift Aid database (in collaboration with the finance unit)
Manage the parish book stand for the sale/ borrowing of message CDs, books and other
Christian literature (this project was began but has lost tempo; would be helpful to rejuvenate it)
Help with general administrative duties wherever possible
The operations of the unit would be as flexible as possible for the members; most of the production duties can be undertaken from any convenient location with printing done in the church office.


Technical department of the church is responsible for maintenance of technical equipment and media coverage of the church.
Duties of the department include:
To maintain and setup musical instruments, audio and visual equipment in the church for the service and other outreach programs.
To record messages of every services and special programmes and produce (or reproduce) CD and DVD.
To create/update and publish media information of the church.
To setup and maintain IT and networking equipment in church.


Church ushers constitute a very vital group of workers. They form the first set of people that others come in contact with, when they come to church. Their duties are of a more general nature and bother on ensuring that church programmes are organised and conducted in a most orderly manner. Ushers also maintain church financial records (in conjunction with the finance committee).

Frequently, ushers seldom stay in one place during church meetings, in a bid to ensure that services are going on in an orderly manner. They are the workers that can be called upon at any time by both the ministers and other church members for assignments and assistance.
Main duties:
1. Ensuring that the church auditorium and alter are properly arranged for meetings
2. Taking and recording attendance at church programmes.
3. Distribution of Hymnbooks and other materials for church programmes.
4. Collection, counting and recording of offerings and other financial & material
collections during services for onward passage to the financial committee.
5. Assisting in maintaining orderliness during programmes by attending to enquiries by other members and visitors to church, proper sitting arrangements, and also taking appropriate steps to control any disorderly conducts during church meetings.
6. The Ushers regularly keep in touch with the ministers at the Alter, in order to
attend to any assignments from the ministers. Only the ushers, in most cases, are allowed to get to the Alter during meetings.
7. Any other responsibilities that may be assigned to them by the ministers.